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  1. Walkers Update – I spoke to the walkers yesterday — spirits are high, bodies are slightly sore, and the journey continues with blessings. Friday night they were able to stay at Little Pines First Nation and were honoured with a dinner and a breakfast. Saturday was a warm walk, and the walkers were able to stay at the Maidenstone United Church
  2. Track the Walk – If you want to track the  walkers, check out walk map — click here for the link!
  3. Lodging Locations – I am happy to announce that we only have ONE location left to book, March 22nd in Ranfurly. If you have contacts, or are willing to host in these areas, contact Brandi Friesen Thorpe at
  4. Winnipeg Events – Local events in Winnipeg start this Monday night! Click here for more info!
  5. Share Your Story – This journey is about learning about loving and honouring our aboriginal neighbours, honoring the living stories of residential schools deliberating and discerning the implications of of privilege and colonialism,  pursuing justice, confronting the churches history of harm in aboriginal communities, and much more. If you have been on this journey with us, have experienced questions and revelations, share it with us. (email or leave a comment) We are interested in sharing how you journey with us. Expect reflections from the wider community in the weeks to come.

Posted by Brandi Friesen Thorpe, Winnipeg Supporter


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