Winnipeg Events

Settlers in Solidarity: Understanding Residential Schools

In partnership with the Honour Walk for Residential School Survivors***, we are coordinating a series of lunch-hour events in understanding residential schools.

We will be exploring stories of residential school survivors, the church’s role, and it’s ongoing impact on both Indigenous peoples and the church. We will also engage in Indigenous strength and paths for healing and reconciliation, through a series of workshops, participatory exercises, and storytelling.

Where: Canadian Mennonite University, South Campus (600 Shaftesbury Blvd,Winnipeg)

The week’s events will include:

Mon, Mar 17, 9:15pm (South, D33) – “We Were Children” Documentary Night
-this film powerfully narrates two residential school survivors’ stories, and their deep strength and resiliency.

Tue, Mar 18, 12-1pm (Conference Room) – The Blanket Exercise
-a participatory exercise that walks us through the history of relationships between Indigenous and Settler peoples in Canada, a history very few have learned. It is sure to shed new light on your understanding of colonialism, Indigenous experiences, and the church’s role in this history.

Wed, Mar 19, 12-1pm (Conference Room) – Story Circle
-a time of storytelling, reflections, and remembrance for Residential School survivors

Thurs, Mar 20, 12-1pm (Conference Room) – Sharing Lunch, and listening to Ray Mason, a school survivor and active participant in the initiatives that brought the Residential School Cause (and the on-going Day School Cause) to the Supreme Court of Canada.

***On March 8th, 2014, a few walkers will take a 500KM (3-week) pilgrimage from Stoney Knoll Saskatchewan to Edmonton, Alberta to honour the stories of Residential School Survivors and attend the final Truth and Reconciliation Commission at the end of March. (see Some of us will also be fasting in solidarity with the walkers, and participants are invited to fast from lunch during this week. That being said, this week’s events are open to anyone regardless if they are student or non-student, fasting or not-fasting, Settler or Indigenous.

Join the facebook group for ongoing updates! Link:

Brought to you by Peace and Sustainability (PSUS) and Building Settler-Indigenous Solidarity (Student Christian Movement MB)

Posted by Brandi Friesen Thorpe, Faster in Winnipeg


3 thoughts on “Winnipeg Events

  1. Hi honour walkers, greetings from sunny Niagara on this 11th day of March! Am delighted to be on this site and thank Brandi for facilitating. May peace, prayers and all good flow your way. Hedy

  2. Please note that the events are all taking place at Canadian Mennonite University’s South Campus which is at 600 Shaftesbury Blvd. All are welcome.

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